Devotional Thoughts: Community of Praise!

The book of Psalms is full of expressions to God. Some cry out to God for justice, some are laments and others are full of declarations of who God is. This one calls all peoples, all nations to express praise.

We easily forget that as believers we belong to a greater community than just our church family. Can you imagine what Sundays are like for God? As the earth turns on its axis congregations of praise ring out all day in different time zones, cultures and languages like a never ending chorus of God’s people praising Him. Churches in cathedrals, prisons, those who meet under a tree, those who meet in secret and have to quietly sing but make great praise in their hearts.

Some peoples have no believers and are silent. This is why we send out missionaries. God wants all peoples. God loves all peoples. They are all created by God and made in His image. God longs for all peoples to turn to Him.

Prayers for our missionaries today! Prayers for God to call out many to share the Gospel. May all peoples clap their hands and shout to God!! There’s lots to shout about! I’m free! I’m forgiven! I’m loved! I’m alive! I’m blessed! I’m a part of a great community that sweeps the globe! I have been gifted eternal life! I do not have to fear!

Get up Christians because we have a lot to express to God! Do not waste your praise and attention on anything else. All else will disappoint. God is good all the time. Jesus is risen!


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