About Jeni Martin Johnson

Jeni has served as Associate Pastor for Missions at First Baptist Church of Asheboro, NC since February 2006.  Jeni takes pride in being the adoptive mother of three children (Noemi, Brian and Bree) and has fostered 17 different children in 7 years. Jeni married for the first time in 2017. Her husband, Joe Johnson, is a fellow alumni of Gardner-Webb University.

Jeni leads numerous volunteers and has a wealth of experience in creating new ministries that have a goal of living out the commands of Jesus Christ.  Jeni enjoys sharing what she has learned in over 20 years of ministry.  She can teach on missional principles to help your group/church know how to choose where best to put your resources and how to choose what to do in your community.  Jeni loves sharing the Gospel and can train your people to share effectively.  Jeni also loves sharing her experiences in her personal ministry of foster care and adoption.  Jeni can speak on her experience as an adoptive mother of a human trafficking victim.  Jeni also encourages, coaches and empowers women in ministry.

Jeni has a Master’s of Divinity with a concentration in Pastoral Studies and a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish from Gardner-Webb University.

Email Jeni Martin Johnson: jmartin@fbcasheboro.com

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