Devotional Thoughts: Faith & Future Generations

What if we say our faith is a personal, private thing as I’ve heard many say? Those who choose this road choose for their faith to die with them. I’m not sure that’s even faith at all. True faith sparks a fire inside that is shared naturally because of what God is doing in one’s life. Those who have come before us lived their lives in such a way that it inspires generations today and those to come. We need to feed our own faith and not be afraid to grow so faith will live on.

The greatest gift I can give my children is my faith. The greatest gift my children can give to me is choosing to live in God’s ways. This brings peace to my heart and soul. Walking God’s path is hard but leads to the greatest rewards, the kind you cannot even find here on earth.

Living our lives in such a way that future generations will know God is important. The ESV uses the word unborn instead of saying future generations. What share with someone today can help someone who isn’t even born yet come to faith. It’s exciting to ponder. Our lives matter. What we choose to do or not to do today has the ability to affect someone tomorrow, even someone who isn’t here yet.

I’ve been at First Baptist Asheboro long enough to see this happening in our ministry. Those who respond to the Gospel are teaching their children the Gospel. Some of our Multi-Housing Ministry students are now married with children and are attending churches. What we do matters and even can make a mark on eternity: making a difference whether someone becomes a follower of Jesus or not. Everyone deserves the opportunity to hear the Gospel. Not everyone will follow. Many will choose the wide road but we still share. Sharing isn’t coercing or manipulating, It’s a loving sharing of what God has done. Maybe manipulation is what created this idea of a private faith?


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