Devotional Thoughts: Everyday Tasks

Sometimes I forget that even the small things matter. As I read this verse today I remembered a tiny book by Brother Lawrence titled, “Practicing the Presence of God.” Brother Lawrence discovered a richness in his relationship with God in doing small every day tasks. He grew in his faith as he worked in a kitchen doing what most people would consider menial tasks. He talked and fellowshipped with God throughout his day. You can hear this little book for free on YouTube if you search for it. There’s a reading of it that only takes an hour. It’s an important one to know and read. He teaches us how to live out this verse as we go about our lives every day.

I’ve learned that when I have an attitude and dread doing certain things I show up to do these tasks and surprisingly sometimes I find God’s little surprises for me along the way. I feel bad that I had an attitude about it and I thank God for His goodness to me. I don’t even deserve that.

All jobs have what feels like menial tasks. Doing our job as God would have us do, as His representatives here on earth is vital for others to know God. We can do menial tasks for our families, neighbors and fiends. We can do menial tasks for strangers too. Sometimes what we thought was small turns out to be big!

If we view our daily tasks as a way to do things for God everything changes. Do you have a boss you don’t feel good about? Do your job for God. That mindset changes everything! Serve God in your job, speak to God in your soul as you work throughout the day. Confess to God what you’re feeling and ask God to help you be His representative in your workplace. This is a process to achieve, not something that happens overnight. Press on today and let’s be good ambassadors of the Kingdom in everything we do, and yes this includes what you post and how you post on social media too! Just like mommas used to say, “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.” This is becoming a dying art on social media. Mommas need to start saying this again. We damage one another and this isn’t representing God at all.


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