Devotional Thoughts: Faith Decisions Bring Peace

Before heading to college I made a decision. This decision gave me a desire to pray I would find good Christian friends when I arrived at college. I think this might have been the only difference between myself and those who didn’t pray for this? I’d already chosen. I had decided. I knew. This decision defined me. Yes, I was invited to do all the things any college student gets invited to do but before I even arrived on campus I had decided to follow Jesus and I prayed to find others like me.

Many are tossed by the wind, by feelings, by desires. Having already decided who I’d follow and who I belonged to, many decisions were already made for me. I didn’t have to sweat over doing certain things or not. I was given identity through my faith. This steadied me as a young person and it still steadies me today.

There’s so much to give our loyalties to. I know my household is the safest in God’s camp. Over the years I’ve seen many divided households. I’ve seen the heartache that comes when a spouse of no faith is chosen. I’ve seen devoted Christian women married to alcoholics. These women are strong and try hard to live their faith in their homes. Life is so much more difficult when you’re the only one in your household serving God. Young people, I encourage you to marry people of faith that are already serving God. It might not seem like a big deal today but it can cripple you tomorrow.

If you say in your mind serving God seems undesirable or wrong, I encourage you to reach out and express this very thing to God. I know God changes the heart and mind but God also allows us to choose our own way and reject Him. Choose today who you serve. That settled my heart years ago and I know this will do the same for anybody else who chooses today to serve God, to belong to God, to surrender. This brings freedom but most don’t understand and think it brings slavery. Only those who take a risk and surrender find this unexplainable peace. What matters most to me is what God thinks.

No decision is really a decision. It’s a decision to remain on the fence. God will not bless disobedience. Come find this freedom! Step off the fence into the green pasture. It’s glorious but we can never know this until we make that move.


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