Devotional Thoughts: Throw off Condemnation

Nicodemus asked Jesus a question: How can someone be born again? How can someone have new life? I too felt a need for a rebirth in my life as I became weary of living my own way. My heart was unsettled. I felt like I was tossed back and forth by the wind. I had no steady ground. I had fears. I had great insecurities. I changed myself depending on who I was around.

Then I believed. I knelt down and prayed. I expressed I was tired of living my own way and expressed I wanted to live God’s way. I confessed my sin and asked for forgiveness. I gave God my life that day and told Him I’d do what He asked of me. I felt as if my soul had been hit by lightning!

My insecurities were gone! Nothing mattered except what God thought. I felt so free. I felt forgiven, released. I had newness of life, rebirth. Others noticed this.

In John 3:18 Jesus is speaking. This is part of his answer to the question Nicodemus asked. Because of sin I think we know somehow deep down that we are all condemned. To come out from underneath this burden that weighs us down, suppresses us, and stunts us, all we have to do is believe. What does it mean to believe? I explained my experience above.

Believing is releasing, trusting and committing. It’s joining a family. It’s forever. Everyone has this opportunity. All are welcomed in. God loves you. Believe Jesus is God’s son. Come into the Kingdom. Be forgiven. Have your burdens lifted. You are loved. See with new eyes! Throw off condemnation and experience what God has for you.


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