Devotional Thoughts: Time for Confession

Everyone sins. Healing comes through confession to God and to one another. It’s the strong person who admits wrong/sin and asks for prayer. The weak ignore what they’ve done and allow sin to take root in their lives. Other translations say the prayer of a righteous person. We are not to confess sin to just anyone. We are told here to carefully choose who to confess to. A righteous person will pray with you, not judge you or break confidence and gossip. Catholic brothers and sisters practice confession better than we Protestants do. If we find ourselves disturbed in our soul confession is what will heal, bring peace and set us free. It’s ok to seek our beloved and offer to pray with them. Sometimes we need someone to initiate this for us. Bearing our faults to someone else isn’t easy but if we have the strength to do it restoration comes and is so beautiful! Be courageous today and face transgressions head on. Defeat them through confession.


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