Devotional Thoughts: Divine Comfort

Psalm 23, the one we memorize as a child… the one we use to bring God’s divine comfort in the midst of a funeral. Death is probably what the world fears most. I am reminded that I do not have to fear death. This is one of those things God did when he transformed me. He made me a new creation and some things just don’t make sense to others. God freed me from the fear of death.

The rod and staff here are symbolic of God’s guidance and discipline. A shepherd corrects and guides the sheep. We do not think of these things as giving comfort but there is true divine comfort through obedience to God. I know it sounds ironic. One who hasn’t given their life over to God will never understand this. This is an awesome gift God gives us. Yes, I am comforted by the rod and the staff. Just as I give boundaries to protect my children God does the same for me and God will do the same for you.


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