Devotional Thoughts: Fighting Sadness

No matter how bad things get there’s always hope, but the enemy is quite skilled in convincing us otherwise. It’s so easy to become depressed especially around the holidays. The holiday seasons somehow remind us of what we lack: a mother, a significant other, financial prosperity, children, etc… this list is never ending and can even include things like Sperry boots!

“Look around! There’s always someone less fortunate,” they say. While yes, this is true, I’m still forever on a path of comparing myself to others, and that doesn’t give me any hope at all.

May I suggest that hope, true hope,comes from somewhere other than ourselves. I can modify my behaviors and thoughts but there’s still something lacking. There’s a hole, a void. It is the supernatural power of hope I gained from salvation that will forever sustain me throughout these moments of darkness. I’m an adopted daughter of the God of the universe! I lack nothing. I know I don’t belong here. I’m a creature that lives by another standard, another guideline that belongs to a misunderstood Kingdom. It’s ok. I’ll press on so I can arrive to my next destination where this struggle will have been conquered. It won’t even be a topic of conversation. No sadness or depression in Heaven. We’re all healed.

Today? Step out and fight the enemy who tries to overtake our minds and then our lives. I will not pay homage to the enemy! I will praise God and live for God anyway. Press on my brothers and sisters. May we link together and march on right now. We will not be overcome, not because of anything we have done but because of Who we belong to.


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