Devotional Thoughts: Drummer Boy Challenge

The kings, the magi, the wise men find Jesus and their response is to fall down and worship him. The had just visited King Herod but there’s no mention that they bowed down to worship Herod. Herod was a man in a powerful position. He feels threatened by this word that Jesus is born. So threatened he orders all the male children to be killed in Bethlehem that are 2 years of age and younger. We read this in Matthew 2:16. Pure evil is the killing of innocent children. These kings who visited Herod to inquire of Jesus’ birth must have sensed this evil in Herod. Clearly these magi were out to follow and serve God. Kings who left their thrones in search of the King of Kings: Jesus!

When they meet Jesus their reaction is clear. They fell down and worshipped. They gave gifts. What does this mean for us? How do we apply this in our lives in the here and now of today?

There’s a song that moves my soul this Christmas season: The little Drummer Boy. I love King and Country’s arrangement of this song that was created in the 1940s. It’s an outpouring of heart and soul to Jesus as the drummer boy brings all he has: his time and talent to offer to God’s son, Jesus. Many days we feel like we don’t have much to offer back to the One who has given us everything. God wants all we are. Maybe you’re a painter, paint for God! Maybe you sing, sing for God. Maybe you’re not artistic at all! Invent for God, write for God, work your job for God. Care for your family in a way that pleases God. All these are acts of worship. I cannot play the drums but there is much I can do. What’s your gift to God in this Christmas season? Forgiveness? Obedience? Creating something that points others to God? You know deep in your soul what your gift needs to be. Give it boldly to the King of Kings!

Enjoy this awesome arrangement that moves me. I pray it moves you to act as well:


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