Devotional Thoughts: New Eyes

Do you have eyes of faith? Do you believe? What hinders and stunts your faith experience? Maybe you want to believe but feel like you cannot? Ask God right now to open your eyes of faith, internal, spiritual eyes that can see into eternity. All we can see here and now will pass away but that which we see with eyes of faith is what really matters.

Once we’ve had an experience with the Holy Spirit we can see. We see things we couldn’t see before. We have new eyes. We understand new amazing things. We belong. We are drawn deeper and deeper into the Kingdom. We can step forward into new things. These things seem like nonsense to the world. It’s ok, all will be made right in due time.

Those lacking the ability to walk in faith can pray. Those doubting the existence of God can pray. God already knows these doubts, hurts and fears. Give them to God. Just try it. The most beautiful things cannot be seen with the naked eye. If we do not walk by faith we are blind. We’ll stumble. God, please give us eyes to see and help us walk in faith.


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  1. As far as we know the only hindrance to faith is disobedience to God’s leading. Learn to hear His voice and obey what He calls you to and anyone can walk in faith. Boils down to choice.

    Homer Les

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