Devotional Thoughts: The Irony of Humility

So many think riches, honor and long life come from other things. If I asked a group how to achieve these things I’m quite certain nobody would say humility. When we step back and think about it we really do value and trust the humble. Thinking too much of ourselves is a very distasteful trait. Humble people don’t seek out riches to splurge on themselves. The humble do not seek honor; they seek to honor others. Those in humility do not seek long life, the fountain of youth or cosmetic surgery. It’s not about them. The humble seek to follow God, to serve others and they do not draw attention to themselves. One who seeks to live in a humble manner reaps what they sow. We all enjoy humble people. We respect them. We want to be around them.

I think true humility is a fruit of God’s work in our lives. Jesus was our example of how to be humble. He humbled himself and walked all the way to the cross. We can only follow Jesus’ example by depending on God.

Even if we choose not to try to practice humility something will eventually humble us. The crooked will be made straight and the rough places plain. I’m humbled by nerve pain today. Feels like an ancient sword is repeatedly being thrust up into my foot. I cannot drive. I’m sitting in my vehicle in a drug store parking lot waiting on an over the counter pain med to start working. I’m humbled. I cannot do what needs to be done right now. I need to go to work 30 miles away from here. I wait and pray. I depend on God.

One thing I know… God blesses those who follow. Humility takes away our need to be first, the best, or perfect. Humbling myself takes away a lot of stressors in my head. I can relax, pray and just obey. I imagine humility brings long life because stress ravages our bodies. The humble aren’t trying to step on someone else to try and beat them to the top. A humble man is naturally promoted because he isn’t for himself. There is more honor in humility than in most other traits.

Humility is something we need to practice. It’s a discipline. Exercise humility. Ironic that humility grants to many what so many spend their lives chasing after. Let’s stop, pause and assess our motives and mindsets. We cannot love our neighbors as ourselves if we are focused on getting ahead. We are so small. Our lives here are so short. The only significance I can hope to have is what God does in and through me.

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