Devotional Thoughts: This is What We’re Made for!

This command should fuel us! So many keep this as an option stored away for another time but this verse is the essence of our purpose here on earth. We are to go. Where? Everywhere! To all nations! Those who believe to each his own, or relativism, have a hard time with this verse. If we just want everyone to believe what they want we’d never go. Yes, a Baptist distinctive is we believe freedom should be given to all to choose their own religious beliefs but we also believe all should be given the opportunity to hear the Gospel. Everyone is still free to choose.

The more we share the Gospel and seek to disciple people the more and more we want to keep doing this. “This is what we’re made for!” A young lady said this after coming home from sharing the Gospel in NYC. It’s contagious to share and disciple people because you see God at work and there’s nothing more beautiful!

This gets fleshed out is so many different ways. It can happen over the dinner table, in a small group, at work, in secret, in a hospital, online, in prison and in so many ways and settings! The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity in discipling people. I’m amazed at what missionaries share with me about how they’re developing relationships with people who inquire about their faith.

All these ways, no matter how diverse come together in unity of what’s happening. Lives are being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit through the sharing of the Gospel by those who obey this little word, GO. Those transformed seek to obey through baptism, the symbol of our faith. This goes on and on and on and on! Let’s go! Share our faith with one another, grow deeper! There’s no greater satisfaction in life.

Perhaps baptism is a better symbol for our faith than the cross? The cross was a place of death. The tomb is the place of resurrection! Irony that something like a tomb that communicates death and confinement has set us free! Share how God set you free with someone today!


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