Devotional Thoughts: The Search for a Friend

Things are not always what they seem. I think about my teen years and my kids in their teens now. The one who seems to have the most friends might be the loneliest one. My youngest will turn 17 next week. She has severe ADHD and High Functioning Autism. She’s super impulsive. I have to supervise her internet usage because she will add numerous people on social media sites she doesn’t know. Her different mind doesn’t pause to grasp the dangers that can come from this.

There’s a show called Catfish we enjoy watching where people talk to people they met on the internet and claim they’re in love with this person they’ve never even met. It shouldn’t be surprising that when they finally meet they’re very rarely the person they thought they were. They’re devastated and disappointed when they learn the truth and aren’t even interested in that person anymore. Really? People present themselves as something they’re not on the internet? Haha…

Some people create social media accounts and strive to project to everyone a certain image or life. This can enslave us! There’s a constant pressure to uphold a certain image when really people desire authenticity and transparency more than anything. A true friend accepts us for who we really are. We don’t need to strive to be cool or fake our way in life. Our culture seems to be intoxicated by attention on social media.

I’m not even sure we’re capable of deep friendships in our teen years. Our brains aren’t fully developed yet and teens strive for acceptance and are forming their identities. They accept their friends only of they’re a certain way and walk away if someone is different.

The subject of friendship can be a hurtful one for adults too because we’ve all had someone betray us. Sin destroys relationships and we’re all sinners.

The only way I’ve found true friends is by loving people despite their faults and I can certainly improve in this area. If you’ve found a friend that sticks closer than a brother please know you’ve found a precious thing! So many search for this and endanger themselves looking for this. Getting noticed isn’t the same thing as having deep satisfying relationships. We can get a million likes on social media and feel very lonely.

The only thing that will truly satisfy the human soul comes from the One who created each one of us. We are wired to seek God. Sometimes we seek people instead of God and this messes everything up. People aren’t meant to be our God. Once we allow God to fill us we are satisfied and have the capacity to love others despite their shortcomings. This also removes a feeling I’m lacking something in my life and prevents me from searching for something or someone online. Thank your friends today. If you’re lacking a friend, serve God today and your relationships will begin.


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