Devotional Thoughts: Work

Our jobs and careers look very different when at the center of its core is we are working for God and not mankind. I think Brother Lawrence has probably led more people to embrace this concept through his writing, “Practicing the Presence of God.” If you’re not familiar with this little book I recommend it. Brother Lawrence found great joy in life’s simple, menial jobs like washing the dishes because his mindset was that what he was doing he did for God. This gives us such a different perspective than most of us have about our workplaces.

When I clean my home I need to tell the Lord I do it for him. When I do the paperwork I dread I need to do it for God. I know I do a much better job when I do something for God than if I do it for myself or for someone else.

Emptiness is everywhere and it will engulf us if we allow it. Doing my job for God looks very different than if I do it myself. It’s like someone who’s mopped the floor at work for years and complains in their mind that they deserve better. Better doesn’t even generate happiness in this life. Better happens when we receive our inheritance, our heavenly reward as this verse points out.

As employers we should absolutely do our job for God as well. This message isn’t just for those earning minimum wage. When we serve God through our work our view is so different! I’m no longer bitter I’m not being promoted; I’m not appreciated. When I work for God I’m not sloppy. I strive for excellence. I push the ball and get things done. I am also content to clean the toilet, take out the trash and mop the floor. My value no longer is defined by the work I do or the job I have.

My identity is found in Christ. Jesus Christ changes everything.


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