Devotional Thoughts: How to Love God

I struggled as a young person because I wasn’t sure I loved God. I’d sing songs of love to God in church but I knew I didn’t love God like I love my family, friends or my teen crush. How do we love God.? What’s love for God look like?

This verse hits the nail on the head. Love for God is obedience. Love for God is keeping the commandments God has given us. Obeying God is expressing my love and commitment to God. When I learned this my heart settled. I learned God’s love language!

God promises those who love Him will receive God’s great love in return. God loved us even before we even thought of loving Him. He pursues us. We ask for forgiveness, repent and commit to living our lives God’s way. What we receive in return when we do these things is so much greater than anything this world has to offer.

We cannot begin to experience this love until we begin to obey. Just like when a child lives in disobedience, going against their parents; this brings strife into the home. All who live under that roof feel it. An obedient child brings peace. When we disobey God we bring discord into our lives. When we obey we invite a flowing stream of God’s love into our lives and this too affects those around us. God desires to bless our obedience. God will not bless our sin.

This verse also says God will reveal himself or manifest himself to those who obey. What we lack when we choose disobedience! Yes, there should be an element of fear and respect when it comes to seeing God, having a deeper understanding of God or a leading of God in our lives. Do not fear! God is safe. God is loving. God is fierce. I dare you to obey!


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