Devotional Thoughts: Burdens

Burdens, we all have them. Our burdens may look different but they all have the same ability to weigh us down, take our focus away and wreck us. Our burden seems heavier than the person we compare ourselves to. We just further burden ourselves when we compare ourselves to others.

My head is spinning today because we learned this morning an account my husband has is missing over nine thousand dollars! Yikes! We feel violated and taken advantage of. While this is stressful to wait out as the bank investigates it will not crush us. We will be ok. Money is of this world, not the world we’re headed to.

When we give things like this to God they no longer control us. I cannot control the sin of another person. I can control my reaction to it and how much I let it suck the wind out of me. I can worry myself sick if I allow it or I can get control of my mind and combat terrible thoughts. God gives us what we need when we need it. I don’t think it’s a coincidence this verse is the verse of the day when this problem arose in our lives. This is just a small example of what God does for us. God gives us reminders along the way of what really matters. Does it matter we lost a large amount of money? Yes! Will we allow this to steal anything else from us like joy, stability, or family? No. To get this encouragement, let it be noted, that I had to be intentional in opening the Bible app to read scripture. God cannot speak to us or encourage us if we are not opening the Word of God. We truly miss out. We’ve all done this. I don’t even want to imagine all I’ve missed throughout my life.

So, what’s your burden today? Simply speak to God about it. Ask God to take it. Ask God to help you focus on what matters most. Scripture teaches God and people matter most. Let’s be the righteous that aren’t moved like this verse says. We can only accomplish this if we obey God today.


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