Devotional Thoughts: Letting Go Beats Holding On

This!!! We try so hard to hold onto things that will eventually be meaningless… Let go and experience a whole new world, a new life! Lose your life and gain the greatest blessings of all, the kind money cannot buy. Put yourself first and experience the opposite. Yes, there’s more to life. It’s not about... Continue Reading →

A Walk for Unity and a Foot Washing

Bishop Trogdon and Dr. Rogers embrace after washing each other's feet. (Photo courtesy of Danielle Byerly of Sunset Church of God) Two retired Christian pastors set a powerful example to the Randolph County/Asheboro City communities on Sunday, June 14th at Eastside Park. Bishop Trogdon and Dr. Rogers, two well respected pastors in the Asheboro community,... Continue Reading →

Pain, Pain Go Away! I know You’ll Come Again Another Day.

So much pain on our world!  A friend's son died suddenly, an adoptive parent is at their wits end with destructive behaviors, discouragement, negative words, depression, anxiety and disconnection.  I just want to step into the Light and let the Light shine on my face.  Light, I invite you in.  Shine on my brokenness. Shine... Continue Reading →

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