Devotional Thoughts: I’m a Warrior, Are You?

Have you ever had a situation where God just gave you the right words to say? You walked away thinking you’re not even certain of what you said? God gives us what we need and sometimes it’s the right words.

Evil lurks with a hunger to destroy but I know who I belong to! Judgment is all around but this verse says my heritage will refute every tongue! If you’re doing anything for the Kingdom at all, you know this evil.

I know what it is to have lies spread about me. I know how gossip grows and festers especially when the enemy is in on it. In these circumstances I need this reminder! Sometimes it seems the liar has succeeded but the war isn’t even over yet. No, I’m not pondering revenge, not even close. The Lord will see that no weapon that comes against His people will have its’ way. Revenge is of the Lord, not for my human hands. This is truly greater than any Marvel comic superhero! How disappointing to learn they’re not even real. The Lord is real.

I’ve seen lightening strike the house of one who spread lies about me. No joke! Sometimes justice happens right here and now, but sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t we need to have faith, pray and press on. Evil loves it when we fight back. When we plan our counterattacks evil has already won because our focus has moved onto the evil and off of God. God will vindicate. That’s His job, not mine. Lay down your arms my friend. It’s the strongest one who doesn’t react to everything around them. This is a holy strength evil cannot combat. This is what it means to be a soldier for Christ, to let God do His job and I’ll do mine. Press on for God knows and sees. Serving God is our greatest joy even if it means slander, persecution or judgment from others. God will make it right.


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