Devotional Thoughts: Politics?

Christianity no longer fits our culture. Universalism has been front and center, to each his own. Whatever is true for you might not be true for me. Everyone does what’s right in their own eyes. I think things have shifted again. You’d think that tolerance would be the staple of universalism. Forget the freedom for everyone to believe as they please, now everyone talks about tolerance but I see tolerance only for those who we agree with. This has caused division, hatred and lack of the ability to compromise with one another.

Jesus would cause such a great stir if he were here today saying this! This statement isn’t universalist. Jesus says this to prepare his disciples for his arrest, trial, death, burial and resurrection.

Just yesterday a friend came to my office expressing grief over divisions in our church family politically. No politician or political choice perfectly fits Jesus. No matter who I vote for, that candidate doesn’t fit Christianity perfectly. Why? The government is not the church. My loyalty lies in God first, not in the things of this earth.

If I’m a believer, a follower, I choose to spend most of my energy pointing people to God, not to a political party. Every candidate will disappoint. All are human. Yes, I believe we should be good citizens and good examples to others. Political arguments only divide and separate us from others, even from other believers. Its a way for us to lose our focus. Most people don’t change their minds because of an argument. It’s not a good strategy.

I believe Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. This was a bold statement when Jesus said it and it’s still bold today. A good Christian, one who is strong in their faith shares The Gospel, but allows people to believe as they choose. This concept is called soul freedom. Everyone should be given the opportunity to hear. We shouldn’t force anything upon anyone. When we do this we are trying to take God’s position. Poking fun at someone with a different political belief isn’t Godly. It’s devaluing others God loves. God loves everyone but it’s only through Jesus sins are forgiven and eternal life is granted.

Even if I wrote a long list of my own political beliefs I’m sure if God graded that paper I’d be flawed. I’d hope for an A or a B. The most important thing is giving my life to Jesus and obeying. All else should fall under that umbrella and seen through that lens. Scriptures are clear about some things like welcoming the stranger, valuing all life, taking care of the earth, having debts and some others.

Christian, place God before country. If you find you’ve placed country before God it’s not too late to rearrange that formula. God’s Kingdom comes first. This is where my energies aren’t wasted. This is how God can birth beautiful things that bring others to God. Where are your loyalties? Are you respectful of other opinions? Are you causing more division? Repent and place God first today. Your burden can be lifted!


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