Devotional Thoughts: Mocking God

Karma? What goes around comes around? I think it’s a bit deeper than that. I see lots of anger on media sites from Christians lashing out. Maybe they think they are protecting God? I do not need to get into a grand argument because of the truth in this verse. God will settle these things in due time. Some things we think are our job but maybe they’re God’s job?

Those who mock God will be taken care of. I do not need to feel like it’s my duty to do this. People go their own ways and suffer their own consequences. Yes, from where we are standing it can seem like God is mocked. This can upset those who follow God. The one who thinks God is make-believe will learn in due time. The one who goes as far as mocking God has placed their self in God’s spot, a know-it-all who is always right, for example. I’m not God and neither is any other human being.

We are so small in all the earth. Those who think theY can mock God are so small that God really isn’t even mocked! They place themselves in insignificance. How tragic! What is accomplished in mocking God? Nothing!

I am not deceived. God is not mocked. By mocking God mankind mocks themselves. It’s only through lovingly sharing the Gospel that a mocker can see God, not through arguments or angry social media posts that mock others. Mocking back is standing in the place of the mocker and there’s nothing Godly about that.

Paul was a mocker. He went even deeper and persecuted Christians until he witnessed Stephen die for his faith. God is not mocked. God took care of Paul. Paul crossed over to the other side on the road to Damascus.

Mocking God is mocking oneself. My daughter comes home from school regularly upset that some girls are mean to her and others. I’ve explained over and over that other students see this in those girls and they take notes. These girls in trying to advance themselves really are digging a social hole. Nobody wants a bully for a friend. If that girl thinks this is cool she will learn the hard way. She will reap what she’s sowing.

Do not despair my friend, God will level the playing field. Do not waste your life trying to be God. I’ll do my job and you do yours. Let’s follow God together and leave the mockers to God.

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