Devotional Thoughts: Childlike Humble Faith

The Bible is so full of irony. The opposite of what we think will make us successful in God’s Kingdom. Humility is great, not weak! Those who are strong are able to be humble. Jesus states this in such a heavy way that our entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven hangs upon humbling ourselves, being like children and how we treat children.

Children are so amazing. They live in wonder, imagination and trust. We can too. When I’m a part of the Kingdom I have the opportunity to not worry and trust God.

Reading this today also reminds me our children are so important! Jesus says they’re not to be brushed aside but they are to be valued. They are worth our time and energy. They are worthy of an advocate especially those who have no advocate.

I have a teen that has mental disabilities. Sometimes she wears on me. She is a handful and until you’ve taken care of someone like this you have no idea the struggles we live. However, I certainly see childlike faith in her and it’s beautiful. She has this humble faith of a child. Sometimes I need to follow her!


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