Devotional Thoughts: I’m Waiting

We all dream of flying and what it would be like to soar to great heights and take in the beautiful landscapes. Flying must be freedom, limited by almost nothing. In my current state I cannot physically mount up with wings. I just have arms. I’m overweight. I’m limited by the world I live in. Gravity wins.

Sometimes in life we feel as if we’ve really mounted up on wings like eagles but reality is these high times here on earth are fewer than they are plentiful. Sometimes I’m super excited about something and I feel like I’ve made a real difference. I cannot even imagine running and not growing weary. Clearly these are holy superpowers!

Most days I can walk without fainting but sometimes we can find ourselves in situations where walking without fainting is a difficult task. Life is such a roller coaster! Sometimes we are struggling to put one foot in front of the other and just doing that feels like a victory in certain circumstances.

One thing we believers know, one thing we can count on, one promise we have in this verse is those who wait on the Lord will eventually experience these superpowers. God will give me what I need for today. Sometimes this can be just walking. Other times it can be flying. One thing I know: God walks with us every step of the way! We are not alone!

I imagine when we pass from this life we will literally mount up with wings! There won’t be struggles any longer. Knowing this I can wait on the Lord.


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