Devotional Thoughts: How to Love God

When I was young, having just connected with God I struggled with knowing how to love God. I’d sing a song in church and feel like I wasn’t being truthful because I knew I didn’t love God like I loved my family. This bothered me and I prayed.

It was a beautiful moment when I discovered this verse that spoke strongly into my life. How do we love God? We obey. Some see obedience as restrictions but I’ve learned it’s the exact opposite. Obedience is an expression of love for God. I’m showing who I belong to when I obey. I’m staying within a boundary God has set for me that protects me. I don’t have to worry, God will take care of the rest.

When we obey the enemy gets mad and we become dangerous. Brace yourself for more and more challenges ahead but I know this is my hell and my Heaven is on the way.

The courageous obey. The weak are blown with the wind and wake up one day asking how they arrived in the situation they’re in. Obedience requires being intentional. Find one way to be intentional and obey today. It will bring you great joy! Following God settles our hearts and sometimes even brings blessings we didn’t even see coming!


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