Devotional Thoughts: My Mess…

Sometimes despite my best efforts my cake still turns out like this!

God hears me. God sees me. God knows me. God knows my desires, my passions and what I long for. I press on and at times even press and probe different areas to discern what’s ripe for picking. Sometimes I get it wrong. Sometimes I press too hard. In these moments I can let go and claim this verse:

God hears. My heart can rest because God knows. My cake might look like the pic I just posted but God hears me and boy that cake wasn’t a looker but it still tasted good! We can usually find something good in the midst of our messes. God is the Master of creating order from a mess.

What do we do when our efforts seem to just make a mess? We give our mess to God and ask for God’s will to be done just like a preschooler who proudly brings home their messy artwork, I hand my work to God. Thank goodness God loves me!!! I tried. Trying is better than the one who didn’t try anything right?

The Christian faith calls us to constantly evaluate ourselves. I can line up failure after failure and find myself defining myself by my failures. I can choose to see myself as God sees me: redeemed, forgiven, and called. First God called me to repentance. Then God called me to follow. Everyday I need this verse in my life! Lord, here’s this situation! Your will be done!!!! Show me Lord! Guide me! Give me strength to take new steps each day. And even when my cake doesn’t even resemble a cake I give it to You. I’m Yours!


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