Devotional Thoughts: From Wandering to Calling

Paul walked in integrity no matter what came his way. Paul writes from prison and even in that difficult environment he stayed strong and still chose to live a live worthy of his calling.

Calling? So many wander the earth seeking after something asking, “What is my calling?” Many don’t even know what they’re looking for. I’ve heard some say they’re going to find themselves. We anticipate some grand, defining moment that will define life for us and tell us what is our quest. Are we to search for the Holy Grail? What would we even do if we were to find it?

If you are a believer, a saved person, a soldier for the Lord we do not need to search for calling and meaning. Our calling is straightforward, clear and written. We are all called to live a life worthy of what God has done for us.

What is our calling? Oh, the scripture verses I could insert here! Make disciples, walk in integrity, grow in your faith, sacrifice for the sake of the Kingdom, love your neighbor, forgive, and the list goes on and on. The Christian life is hard. Our toiling here is a beautiful expression of who God is.

I need not wander to find myself. I am found. My purpose is clear. God does not desire for us to be confused. God is a God of order. We can relax and follow God’s leadership. I am His. I belong. I strive to live this life worthy of the call to be a Christian. Feeling lost or disconnected? God has a plan for you. Reach out and listen to the Holy whisper that awaits you.


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