Devotional Thoughts: God in Man

Everyone is always talking about the next thing. The next technology, the next invention, the next movement the next anything else… C.S. Lewis tells us the next thing has already arrived! It’s God alive in man! It’s the living Christ alive inside human beings! It’s a transformation of humanity, for when we reach out to God and surrender our lives we are not the same. This isn’t of our own doing. It’s God’s workmanship.

This probably sounds like madness to some to say I’m dead. I died to myself and my own desires and I now live in God’s ways. As crazy as it may sound I’m sure some around you have experienced this. Find them and they will tell you about it. It’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to them, being morphed into a whole new creation. I am nothing like who I was. I don’t belong here. I belong to a greater Kingdom, one that lasts forever and will never fail.

The difficulty comes in living here as a citizen of another place. My faith trumps my nationality. My faith trumps my career. My faith trumps my circumstances. My faith conquers all. Call me an extremist.

Some would say it’s ok to be a Christian, but let’s not get out of hand. Let’s just utilize those pieces that benefit ourselves and ignore the other. Some attend church because it benefits them to have a good network. Some pick and choose. Some worship our nation, some money giving their life to earning more. Those who choose other gods are empty and lacking.

Becoming a Christian is dying to self and following the Living God who lives inside the human soul. Yes, God allows us to ignore Him. We have free will. We must strive constantly to connect, listen and follow. Please do not judge God because no human can fully and perfectly follow. We see God in our fellow believers but we are also aware no human has fully arrived.

We do not define God. This manner of thinking declares self as the center of the universe. If we live with ourselves at the center we eventually learn we’re not the center, God is. Learning this now saves us a tremendous amount of grief, heartache and consequences.

Place God at the center. This is the most beautiful way to view the world.


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