Devotional Thoughts: Not Ashamed

Peter is my favorite disciple of Jesus. He denied knowing Jesus, three times and the rooster crowed. You can read about that in Matthew 26 and Luke 22. He was ashamed and wept. However, Peter is so transformed in Acts 5:15 that his shadow passing over a sick person brought healing! Peter went from being... Continue Reading →

My Holy Week Devotional Response to Philippians 2:8

Jesus was God in the flesh. God chose to come to earth in the form of a human so we can know who He is. He was obedient unto death and many have followed in those footsteps For centuries being slaughtered for their faith. The proper word for this is martyr. Stephen was the first to be martyred in Acts. Acts says Stephen looked up and Jesus was standing at the right hand of the Father. It’s the only place in scripture Jesus is standing. Jesus stood for Stephen. 

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