Devotional Thoughts: Fallen Leadership

When leaders think they’re wise they also think they’re indestructible. This is when sin and evil creep in. This is pride. I’m sure we all know a leader we followed and respected who fell hard. None of us are immune to the schemes of evil. When we think we are experiencing great success we start to believe we can take credit for it. Our ego inflates and we are in a dangerous place because pride comes before the fall. Success in ministry belongs to God.

So many churches have been hurt and split by great leaders who allowed sin to creep in. In my younger years I belonged to a church that was growing rapidly. I grew in my faith from the teaching I experienced there. The senior man had child porn on his computer and it was discovered he was also having an affair. This poor church split three ways.

When I was hired at the church I serve now I looked at the group of pastors I’d be serving with and let them know I’m not the type to cover things up so if someone is engaged in sinfulness, I’m not the person for you. I’ll address what’s going on.

Stories of fallen leaders of faith abound. No human is perfect. No human is meant to be idolized. This too is a sin. I haven’t stood in the shoes of these leaders. I do not know their temptations. All I know is the way to keep from falling is to remain nestled close to God.

We are so small in all the earth. We may have a few small nuggets of wisdom that God has given us. We should use them wisely because if we have any wisdom at all it came from God, not ourselves.

It’s fearing the Lord, respecting the Lord that gives us the ability to shun evil. I cannot even shun evil without God. I’d be on the evil train leading others towards evil if I hadn’t given God my life. I think I’d even be unaware of how I arrived in such a place.

If you’ve experienced a fallen leader recently I have an article on my blog called, “When Christian Leaders Fall” that outlines what I’ve learned in these circumstances. You can find it by scrolling down on this page:

Let’s be wiser than others by choosing humility. We are not God. We are not better than anyone else despite what people might tell us.

Devotional Thoughts: Can You See God?

The invisible is clearly seen, how can this be? How can something that is invisible be seen clearly? We cannot see God with our naked eyes. More irony! How can we see what’s invisible? Not being able to see God is an argument I’ve heard a lot against the existence of God. A god we can physically see would be limited and not even God. That which we see is limited to occupy only that space. God is not confined to anything.

The Old Testament is full of peoples worshiping physical idols. Idols today are different: money, cars, sex, people, etc.. they’re anything we give a lot of time, money and effort to. They’re all empty, or only give us a temporary gratification.

This verse says we can perceive God in the things that have been made. We call these things nature. I drove to Caraway yesterday, a beautiful camp and conference center to borrow something. As I entered the windy road covered by a lush green canopy of trees my soul marveled at its beauty. Then this road revealed a sparkling lake where people were kayaking and relaxing. I longed to just stop there and see God, connect and pray. Nature has always drawn me to God. However, I’ve been fighting ants in my kitchen for the past few days so I’m reminded I don’t want all of nature in my home! Even ants are so amazing. What a work ethic! I think they only rest when they die? They’re putting me to shame!

Some mistake nature for God. Nature isn’t God but something God uses to draw us towards Him. Others disregard nature, disrespect it as my daughter pointed out when I killed an ant in my kitchen last night. We are charged with caring for the earth as God’s people. Followers of Jesus should live green and not be wasteful. That’s a whole other teaching I’ll write out one day.

Paul, who wrote this book in the Bible, is referring to the unrighteous when he uses the pronoun, “they.” I know this because I read the previous verse. The unrighteous are without excuse, there will be no argument that will stand up. The evidence of God’s existence is clear. We have to open the eyes of our souls, our spiritual eyes.

Last Sunday, a dear friend preached about Muslims coming to Jesus through dreams and visions. God gives each of us opportunity to find Him. It’s so much easier to find God where we have access to Bibles and churches all over. Our great irony might be that we have more access to God because of religious freedom, but we don’t utilize it. A great population of the world doesn’t have this luxury, but they have all God has made. Yes, God is eternally powerful, divine and omnipresent. I choose God’s ways today.

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