Devotional Thoughts: A Judgmental Spirit

"What you make fun of in other people will happen to your baby," she said.  If you make fun of a person with a disability, she says your baby will come out that way.  This is the culture way up in the mountains of Guatemala where people still live on dirt floors and have thatched... Continue Reading →

The Untold Symbolism of Christmas: The Wreath

Jeni Martin Johnson

I can’t help but notice how the beautiful deep symbolic, spiritual meanings behind our traditional Christmas decorations seem hidden.  One of my favorites is the wreath; the most beautiful wreaths are those made from fresh greenery that someone gathered and put together.  The smell is mesmerizing and its beauty is natural and whimsical.

Wreaths of holly are especially beautiful.  Holly leaves are prickly and remind us of the crown of thorns Jesus wore while hanging on the cross suffering.  Holly produces deep red berries that represent the drops of blood Jesus shed while hanging on the cross.  This can be a reminder to us that even suffering can be beautiful.  The suffering Jesus endured to offer us such a beautiful gift of forgiveness is unparalleled.  Our suffering can be made beautiful as well when we give it to God and endure like the evergreen in the dead of winter.


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