Rembrandt, God’s Vessel for Nouwen

I’m intrigued by how one life can be dramatically altered because of what someone else left behind. Those who passed away hundreds or thousands of years ago can still have a profound affect on us.  For example, a man from the 1600’s artistic expression spoke so profoundly to a man in 1986 that it altered... Continue Reading →

Journal 3: My Daughter Has an Eating Disorder, or Does She?  How I Addressed Assault and Other Abuse

Well, now we see!   This has been an exhausting week of travel and emotional strain.  I called the hospital like I do each night hoping to speak with my daughter and the nurse who answered the phone said, “Um, she’s being taken to the ER.  Sorry we haven’t had time to call you yet.”   They... Continue Reading →

Journal 1: My Daughter Has an Eating Disorder, The Nightmare We Lived in 2018

My daughter has an eating disorder, the kind that convinces you that you’re nothing and you shrivel up into a frail bony shadow.  We first noticed this when she came home one day from managing the high school Lacrosse team.  She was clearly dehydrated and looked terrible with bags underneath her eyes.  She told me... Continue Reading →

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