The Season of Advent: Hope

Advent means, waiting. I am waiting. Are you waiting? I overheard some of our children talking about gifts for Christmas. They were talking excitedly and with great anticipation about Christmas day. They are waiting, they are excited. Anticipation is in their thoughts and conversations. They're ready! Bring it on! This is also how we should... Continue Reading →

The Untold Symbolism of Christmas: The Christmas Tree

If I had to choose just one decoration for Christmas I think I'd choose the Christmas tree. I so enjoy riding around neighborhoods taking in the stunning windows full of glistening lights brightening up the trees that hold them. They're so whimsical and each one bears different colors and ornaments that represent the households they... Continue Reading →

The Untold Symbolism of Christmas: The Wreath

I can’t help but notice how the deeply symbolic, spiritual meanings behind our traditional Christmas decorations seem hidden.  One of my favorites is the wreath; the most beautiful wreaths are those made from fresh greenery that someone gathered and put together.  The smell is mesmerizing and its beauty is natural and whimsical. Wreaths of holly... Continue Reading →

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