Devotional Thoughts: Letting Go Beats Holding On

This!!! We try so hard to hold onto things that will eventually be meaningless… Let go and experience a whole new world, a new life! Lose your life and gain the greatest blessings of all, the kind money cannot buy. Put yourself first and experience the opposite. Yes, there’s more to life. It’s not about me. Deifying myself leads to isolation and destruction. So ironic that when we make this our goal we lose everything. Let go and say yes to whatever it is you’re sensing a leading to do. Step out into the unknown. Learn new things. Take yourself off the throne and allow God to lead you. Experience the priceless surprises as you tread lightly into the unknown.

My surprises this week have been fun! I called a high school and asked to connect to a teacher. When I gave my name to the receptionist he said, “Hi Ms. Jeni! It’s me!” One of my former students is coaching and working in the front office. This is a kid that’s had multiple barriers in his life but he’s pushing forward. I’m proud!

Then a friend I’ve been walking with texted me saying the child she’s been caring for is now permanently in her home and the court proceedings have ceased. Years of uncertainty have come to an end. She made it. It’s done! She’s selfless and has given up her middle aged years to care for these sweet kids. She’s losing her life by giving some of it away to these children in need. It’s beautiful!

I also think about those who have lost their lives for the sake of the Gospel message: the ultimate giving of one’s life, like persecution to the point of death because someone is a Christian. It’s wrong. The world is broken but when we give ourselves away, when we lose our lives and stop trying to save ourselves, stop trying to place ourselves at the center of the universe people can see hope, faith and love. Through these things God is seen and experienced. lives are changed for the better.

Msurprises as

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