Devotional Thoughts: Deceptive Trust Psalm 20:7

Where we place our trust says a lot about us, about who we are, and about our character. This verse says, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” I want to add an exclamation mark at the end when I read it! Chariots and horses were weapons used in war in the Bronze and Iron Ages. As time progressed chariots became more and more sophisticated, having spikes on their wheels and other features making them even more intimidating. The chariot was like the equivalent to our modern day military tanks. They communicated strength and intimidation. Chariots and horses could outrun the infantry and the charioteers would shoot multiple arrows that could penetrate the armor of the enemy. Chariots coming towards you would invoke a fear for one’s life, most certainly! King Solomon had 1400 chariots and 12,000 horses in his army (1 Kings 10:26)! One probably felt pretty secure going into battle with 1400 chariots! Wow!

It’s pretty easy to trust in my car to safely carry me from place to place. There’s many safety features in today’s vehicles. I can trust in a home alarm system, a surveillance camera and the spyware on my laptop. Trust in these things can fail me in various ways. I’m not suggesting we do away with these things. I am saying that placing our greatest level of trust in these things will eventually disappoint. However, trusting in the name of the Lord Almighty is another story. The Bible is full of stories from the lives of those who have come before us that prove when we trust in the Lord we never come up short. We need not fear. Daniel in the lion’s den, David and Goliath, and many other stories show us how nothing can defeat us if our trust is in the Lord.

The verse that follows this one, verse eight says, “They collapse and fall, but we rise and stand up straight.” I can still stand up straight when all has collapsed around me. This trust can give me a superpower! I can be like David! I can be like Daniel! I too can put my trust in the Lord! What a word for us today! What a word for the person who trusts in their personal weapons! What a word for those who have lost everything to war! What a word for those of us who have experienced injustice! We are invited to trust in the Lord. God has not failed us and will not fail us. He is Who He says He is!

How do we trust? We believe. We live out in obedience what the Lord has laid out before us. We choose a lifestyle that pleases God. It is then that I am handed my armor! It’s when I trust that I have my chariot and horse! I am ready for battle and I pray I please my King in the battle of this life.

What are you trusting in? Can you let go of safety and security in earthly things and trust in the Lord. The safest place to be is where God calls us to be. I can rest in this and know I am I am covered. I am safe. I am loved. I am God’s.


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