Devotional Thoughts: Safety

Safety, this might be the number one need a woman has: safety and security. God extends to us a safety and security that cannot be found anywhere else. I cannot find this kind of safety in my husband or in buying the car that has the most safety features. I cannot find this in a home security system or in a software on my computer. This kind of peace of mind is supernatural; I can have a sense of safety even in the face of grave danger! The Bible has numerous examples of this, like Daniel facing ravenous lions, David facing the giant Goliath and Noah facing the great flood. In each of these stories these men looked to God for their safety, their future and sense of security. There’s nothing rational about this kind of safety. The only way to explain it is safety is found in God alone.

I too can run into to the Lord and be safe. As a believer I’m a part of something much greater than myself: God’s Kingdom. No matter what happens to me while here on earth I’m safe. Violence my kill my body but my soul is safe in the Lord. Sickness may ravage me but the real me, my soul, belongs to God. Enemies may spread lies about me and plot against me but God knows and God is just. God will make all things right in due time.

The name of the Lord, the name of Jesus, is powerful. It makes demons shudder. They shrink back in fear. Evil cannot withstand the strength of Holiness. I need not fear because of who I belong to. I’ve given my life to the Lord. God is a strong tower and I can run into it! I am safe! No matter what’s happening I’m eternally OK!

Sometimes our greatest battle is in our minds, our thoughts and our view of self. I have to define myself according to how God sees me. I cannot allow this world to define me. I choose to reside in the strong tower of the Lord. I cannot be touched. May my life be a road sign to those seeking the strong safe tower. I invite you in. Take the step. Trust. Believe. Accept this holy gift of safety God extends to us.


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