Devotional Thoughts: Communion

Early Christians were accused of being cannibalistic, eating Jesus’ body when they participated in communion or the Eucharist. Jesus calls us to walk this road of suffering with Him just like the early believers did. Jesus’ body broke and he died. The earth shook. We remember there’s no resurrection without suffering. He suffered because of what we have done. We take communion/The Lord’s Supper to remember. His body was broken for us. This is obedience.

In seminary I helped with a little church plant in a poor neighborhood. We advertised The Lord’s Supper for the first time. One person called asking what they should bring to this supper. Obviously we hadn’t prepared them enough! We explained they should eat before they come and just bring themselves.

To communion we bring ourselves, our suffering, our pain, our sin.

We also bring our commitment, our obedience, our loyalty and anything else. Jesus wants it all.

Recently I took communion with my church family to remember. Let us never forget!


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