Devotional Thoughts: Calm, Settled Souls

CEV says, “Calm down” instead of, “Be still.” What could the world be like if we would all calm down? I know it’s in those still, quiet moments that God speaks. If we never stop we cannot hear the voice of Guidance, the voice of Divine Comfort, the voice of Healing. God speaks to us in these still, calm moments. We miss out of we do not stop and connect.

Before my foster parent days I went on a silent retreat for a week every year. Once I stopped all this stuff that was inside of me rose up. Stopping to unpack those things were difficult but when I was able to address them with my Father, my holy Father, I became free of the clutter in my soul. This is a necessary spiritual discipline for Christians.

Some are afraid of stopping. They run away from these feelings and thoughts that are deep inside. They’re painful and uncomfortable. They can eat us and define us if we do not deal with them. Do not be afraid.

Part b of this verse is a reminder that no matter what happens, God wins in the end. All nations will bow down. I do not need to worry. There will come a day when God will make all wrong things right! The crooked will be made straight. Justice will come, holy Justice, the kind only God can bring. We will have peace. Let’s stop. Let’s be still and let God settle our souls.


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