Devotional Thoughts: Justice

Yes, God is just. God is the ultimate ruler and none of us are able to stand up to God. Justice rolling down like waters, a gushing force we cannot control. God will eventually make it all right. Justice will happen but it won’t happen in our earthly life. Some things we will see while here.

Revenge is of the Lord, not to be taken into our own hands. Like when lies were spread about me by my boss and I kept my integrity, shook the dust off my feet and left because I couldn’t follow that leader. I gave that to God. Lightening struck his house and a few years later he was fired. God blessed me with the perfect place to live out my calling. Nobody can stand up to God.

God is perfectly just. I do not expect justice here on earth but it sure is beautiful when we see wrong made right while we are here. This world is not my home. God has provided Jesus who offers payment to everyone for all sin. Those who follow and give their lives to God do not need to fear. Justice will roll down and the followers of Jesus will be protected. So I can agree with God that at the right time of God’s choosing, justice can roll down. Pain will be abolished and all will be made new. This verse was written to a disobedient people who made idols for themselves and walked away from God. No idol can stand up to God. Put away earthly things and give God the place he deserves in your life.


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