Devotional Thoughts: Many Facets of Prayer

Some parts of our faith are only between us and God. This is where God speaks to us and leads us. God fuels us and refreshes us through prayer. I’ve learned a lot about praying over the years, things like we don’t need to ask God to be with us because God already promised that. Prayer isn’t just petitions for ourselves and others but declaring to God who He is to us. Prayer is also just listening. I once heard a sermon on Jesus’ prayer in the garden, taking pain and suffering to God. This is called lament. Prayer is also confession of sin and wrongdoings as well as confession of our lack of faith and failures to do God’s will here on earth. I’ve found prayer releasing, healing, empowering and refreshing. I’ve found prayer gives me focus. Prayer is time with God that is priceless. When we come to God only asking we miss out on the listening and hearing God speak guidance to us. I believe God is always eager to speak to us. It’s our neglect of God through not praying that cripples us spiritually. I’ve heard people say something like, “God didn’t leave me, I walked away.” Reconnect today and be filled with God’s purpose for your life. It’s not to late! Don’t fear silence, face it and work through what comes out when you enter into a quiet place. Come to the Father and be healed. God loves you.


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