My Prayer for Today: Afghans, Haiti, Ida, Pandemic, Shootings & Racism

Lord, You are God, the all powerful, omnipresent, all knowing God, above every living being. Lord my heart breaks for those living in fear in Afghanistan. I take great comfort in knowing You are there in Afghanistan walking alongside Your people. Lord I pray for Afghan believers to be a great light in the midst of this dark terrorist group. Give these believers what they need to carry on and follow You in bravery and great faith. Lord I pray for the women of Afghanistan. I pray they will not be overcome with evil but that they will overcome evil with good. (Romans 12:21) I pray for missionaries who have served great portions of their lives in Afghanistan, pouring into the people you love dearly there. Encourage them today.

Lord I know you love even the Taliban. May Your Spirit grab hold of the Taliban, shake them up and turn them towards good. Give them very vivid experiences of You. Lord, I pray for all the displaced Afghani people that have been evacuated into a world that is very unknown to them. I pray Your church will rise up and be caregivers and carriers of Your Holy Hope to these traumatized people.

Lord You know the devastation Ida has done. I pray Your comfort for those families grieving the loss of a loved one because of Ida. From Louisiana to the northeast I pray people will turn towards You and receive peace and healing in the midst of the trauma they’ve suffered. I pray communities will come together in unity to rebuild. Lord I pray for those in Haiti affected by devastation as well. May believers shine through circumstances of suffering who have been pillaged by these storms stand strong despite what these physical storms have brought with them: pain and suffering. I pray for disaster relief crews deploying out to many places to have good health as they work to help others. May those who don’t know You see You in them.

Lord I pray for the students here in NC who experienced the terror of a shooter in their schools this week. I pray for the families and friends who lost a life so young. I lift up and ask for Your Holy Spirit to visit and minister to the family of William Chavis Raynard Miller Jr. I pray for suspicions to be reported and for our schools to be a safe place for students to learn and flourish. I pray for those contemplating a shooting today. Disarm them, Lord. May good overcome evil in Jesus name. Lord I pray for school officials who themselves are shook up over this to be clear minded in their decision-making as they navigate how to best move forward in the midst of injury and death. Lord, comfort the families of the dead and injured. Bring peace Lord Jesus! May we all be bearers of peace and healing!

Lord I pray for racial healing across our globe. There’s so many injustices in our world. I pray we can see each other as Your creations, each and every one. God I know You value the disabled as much as the CEO. You love the poor as much as You love the rich. You love people of all tribes and nations the same. May the church rise up and love like You do, fiercely love people of every skin color. Forgive us Father! Forgive me Father! Make me more like You!

Lord I pray for those suffering because of the Coronavirus pandemic. I pray healing for the sick. I pray for strength for all those working in healthcare. I pray for those in poverty to get what they need. I pray for poor countries to navigate the pandemic well, to make decisions that will be the loving thing to do for their people. Lord I ask You, the only One who has the power to STOP this virus to stamp it out. I pray for church leaders to have strength to minister to their people and their communities. I pray for the isolated one today. May the isolated reach out to You and know they are not alone. I pray for families that will grieve a long time the mass amounts of people who have died because of this pandemic. Bring Your Divine peace and comfort to these people. Lord I pray for scientists to discover new ways of fighting this virus. Lord I thank You my church family has faired well in these times and I thank You for Your protection over us. May we serve You in new and creative ways and continue to be Your people of faith here in our community.

Lord may I be all You want me to be today in this place where I am. Use me today. Guide me, direct me. May I be Your hands and feet here in this place. May I be the bearer of Your peace and truth. Lord, thank You for all that You are, the only totally trustworthy One, my Rock, my Cornerstone, the One I’ve built my life upon. As I live out my days I’m grateful I know this world is not my home. May I strive to be a good citizen of Your Kingdom most of all. May I live out Your ways here in this dark place. I pray I will endure suffering in a way that pleases You. All this will pass away and I’m grateful. I long for the day it’s gone. I long for the day that this life is but a tiny part of my life story. I long for healing, I long for the place You’re preparing for me where there’s no pain, no sorrow and no suffering. Only You can accomplish this! I love You Lord.

In Jesus name, Amen.


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