My Wayward Chicken

While doing housework the other day I glanced outside and saw something of concern. One of my chickens was on the other side of my fence, outside the lines of safety. I live downtown so her greatest danger might be a car or a loose dog.

We’d been letting them out to have more time in the yard because it’s good for them. They all jockey every day when we go outside to let them out. They look like they’re panicking and something horrific might happen if they don’t get through that door! We open the door and they gleefully enjoy time in our yard every day.

We love our girls and want them to be healthy and safe and we certainly appreciate the amazing eggs they provide for us!

When I saw one of our girls outside our fence, outside of the boundaries we’d set for her I immediately rushed outside to get her back inside our yard. I finally caught her and I had peace of mind. She’s ok. She didn’t get hurt.

A few days later my phone rang. It was my neighbor saying there’s a chicken in her yard. Oh boy! I knew it was mine and I appreciated the phone call. I ventured to my neighbor’s yard and after much effort I caught my chicken and brought her back home.

There’s no rationalizing with my chicken despite the things I said to her. I lovingly explained she’s putting herself in danger and our yard is the best place to be. Nevertheless the very next day my neighbor called again. This escape artist chicken is bound and determined there’s something better on the other side! I caught her once again.

Throughout all of this I heard the Holy Spirit remind me God too has boundaries for our lives. We chase after things that are meaningless or can even harm us. God’s plan is best. God’s boundaries are best. When we venture outside those boundaries we get hurt. We sin. We separate ourselves from God and that’s an empty terrible place to be!

My girls are still safe and sound, however they lost a privilege. We do not let them out as long and that’s solved the problem. They’re safe.

Are you safe? Are you living out the commands of Jesus? Are you staying inside Gods boundaries or are you peering over the fence thinking you know better? Great blessings come with holy obedience, the kind you can’t even buy. They’re priceless! Stay inside the fence my beloved chickens! It’s where we belong. It’s where we are called to be. It’s where we get the greatest blessings, the kind that aren’t even of this world.

One of our girls when she was like a teen.

Yes we can trust in God. God has out best interest at heart. Stay inside the fence dear chicken!


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