Devotional Thoughts: Waiting

We live in a society that wants everything right now, immediate gratification. This isn’t how our relationship with God works. Just when I think I can’t take it anymore God gives me just what I need. God isn’t some vending machine that we pepper with petitions to enhance what we want in our lives. Waiting on God requires great courage! Living out the commands of scripture requires great bravery but not how this world defines these words. One who waits on the Lord might look weak to the world but waiting requires bravery and courage in many circumstances. This reminds me the Bible tells us revenge is of the Lord. Those who do not wait for God to handle things miss out on a blessing. Some people we just have to give to God and ask Him to handle that them. God will eventually make things right. Sometimes we won’t even see this until we pass from this life into eternity. Justice will be done but we aren’t there yet so God will give us the courage to wait. Just wait and trust God. Another irony for us today.


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