Devotional Thoughts: Feeling Lost?

I hate being lost! For me it’s a feeling of the unknown, of possible oncoming danger and insecurity. We all have stories before we had navigation systems of driving around trying to find our way. I even recall arguments in the car over which way we should go next while we were on vacation in a new unfamiliar place. Feeling lost is awful. It’s no fun! I’d even say it might be highest on my personal list of negative feelings.

We all lose our way sometimes. It’s life. Sometimes we lose our way because of a choice we made. Sometimes we lose our way because of something someone else did and we allowed their choice to get us off course. Whatever the case, I find great Comfort in this verse that reminds me God seeks me out when I’m lost.

We Christians generally use the term ‘lost’ to refer to a person who hasn’t discovered God’s love yet, someone who chases after the things of the world. The first time I felt found is when I reached out to God for salvation. As I confessed my sin and asked for forgiveness I felt a great overwhelming love come over me. I told God I was weary of living my own way and vowed to live God’s way.

God’s love is so fierce God seeks us out when we’re lost. I’m reminded of the parable of the lost sheep, how the shepherd leaves the 99 to seek out the one that’s lost. This isn’t how our culture operates for sure! The majority wins and leaves that one alone. We can’t sabotage the whole group for just one, our culture says. One is important. I’m just one. You’re just one. God pursues each and every one of us.

Since that day I’ve known God walks with me so I’m never alone. Even when I feel alone, God is there. I’ve lost my way since that day so many times. I’ve wandered off the path God created for me. It’s a lost feeling to go my own way. There’s a peace I gain from living God’s way that eliminates the feeling of lostness. It eliminates worry. It rescues me. I just have to do my part to stay in the boundaries as best I can. This is no easy task! It takes a fierce warrior to live in this way. Only those who let go of themselves and surrender to God find it. God is Seeker of the lost. It’s Gods nature to find us, to love us and to love others through us as we’re given the gift of our mission. Being a part of someone’s rescue from lostness is invigorating and leaves me wanting more!

Feeling lost today? God is there, omnipresent. God sees you. Reach out and find great peace and a great mission for your life. From now on if I’m lost it’s my own fault. It means I walked off the path. I know when I’m off the path I can quickly reach out to God and find my way.


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