Devotional Thoughts: Mistaken Enemies

Another human being is never the enemy. Sometimes I need to be reminded of this. No matter how evil a person may seem they are created by God, made is His image and loved by God. Oh Lord, help us to see people as You see them! Broken. Battered. Seeking what they’ll never find unless they reach out to You, God. In the grand scheme of things this is my Hell and my Heaven is on the way. I serve The King of Kings and wrestle with the principalities of this world while I’m here. It may not seem like God is winning as mankind chooses his/her own way. Going my own way, living selfishly for my own opinions without regard for the community is sin. When I live in this manner I serve the spiritual forces of evil. I join their team in that moment. We all are guilty of this but we are NOT the enemy! We are in between but when we pass from this life the team we’re on is forever.

When someone participates in evil, we’ve all done it, that person is NOT my enemy. I may be harmed by someone but they’re not the enemy. We all step off course from time to time. We are sinners. We are imperfect. We are flawed. Christian, rise up and obey the command of Jesus Christ to love your enemy! In loving our human enemy we join God’s team. We fight for the good of humanity and evil loses.

But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

Matthew 5:44

So many in our nation idolizing politics. Anything we place before God will fail us. There is not salvation in either political party. In our individualistic culture we value individualism, individual opinions and what makes someone unique. Christianity calls us to lay all this down and surrender to God, the One who loves us most. God desires to bless us but will not bless our sin. Forgive us Lord! We are a nation divided and misguided. The other political party is not the enemy. God loves all equally. It’s time for Christian lives to reflect this, lay down political idols and join God’s team, the team that places ourselves last and serves others. If we think Biden and Trump are enemies we are mistaken. There’s a greater enemy who relishes in the division that sickens our communities. It’s not Trump or Biden. It’s not the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. It the Enemy who seeks to separate each and every one of us from God forever. The fruits of the Spirit are contagious. It’s time to live them out no matter what’s transpiring. This is how we fight REAL battles that make a mark on eternity. What’s your battle? Who’s team are you on? It’s never too late to repent, surrender and serve God.


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