Devotional Thoughts: Ironic Pleasures Forevermore

Some think living in the ways the Bible teaches, in God’s ways, is living a life full of restraints, restrictions and depravity but I’ve found the very opposite is true. There are many ironies in life and this is one of them. Sometimes what we think will control us actually sets us free!

Pleasures forevermore!! Who can even fathom? We can choose our own way and if we’re honest with ourselves we don’t always get it right. We sense in our souls we’ve done wrong and that can propel us into many kinds of behaviors like overcompensating for our weaknesses. We can make even greater messes! A good recipe is to confess our error, ask God to delete it, start from a clean, deleted place and move forward having learned no human has the capacity to live perfectly. We can renew our commitment to God and mankind.

God does not hide from us the best path of life. It’s outlined in the Bible. I’ve learned following this ancient wisdom has brought freedom into my soul. If I feel bound inside it’s because I’m not dealing with myself or what’s happened to me. I’m accountable for what I’ve done but I can be released from my sin by humbly coming to God who loves me. Humans do not have the capability to forgive as God does. We remember. God has the power to totally delete my sin. In Gods presence I realize I am weak. I am human. I am incomplete without God.

Who are we that God cares for us so much? We are not deserving of grace and mercy yet God gives freely. There’s nothing like God. Turning from sin and walking with God brings great joy! Surrender brings pleasures forevermore, the kind that only God can give. How asinine we are to think our own way is best. Cultural sayings like, “You be you and I’ll be me,” suggest we shouldn’t try to guide one another. This suggests we are all at the center of our own universe. This breeds ego and division. It suggests we shouldn’t talk to one another about what’s destructive in our lives. Yes, I believe wholeheartedly we should all have the freedom to choose our own way. We should all have the freedom to lovingly guide one another as well. Wayward friend, there’s a place to live where God grants joy, peace, soul rest and many more blessings, the kind we cannot find for ourselves. No spa treatment can ever compare to what God gives! Let’s live in this irony that surrendering, letting go brings life to its fullest!


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