Devotional Thoughts: All Things for God’s Glory

A Christian should have a higher standard of work ethic because of this command from Paul. What I do, no matter how small the task, can be done for God. If I view my daily tasks and job in this way my heart and attitude changes. I’m no longer bound to anyone but God. When I view my task as an offering of service to God I take more care in what I’m doing. I try my best to get it right. I go the extra mile. I receive joy in the task. Some tasks I view as a burden but when I think of it in this manner I see it very differently. It’s like a window opened up in my mind and let in a refreshing breeze! Perspective and attitude changes everything!

We have a term in our house: half donkey. Yes, this is derived from half #%*! If I’m doing something for God it won’t be half donkey for sure because God even knows my thoughts as I complete a task. On my day off I’ve done 3 loads of laundry, grocery shopping, dishes, meal preparations for the coming weeks and I know taking good care of my family with the mindset I do these things for God’s glory makes me a lot happier to do them. We all have tasks in life that seem menial but even those, when done for the glory of God are an act of worship! What if we speak aloud we are doing a household chore for God today? It affects my job performance and I bet it will do the same for you. God has done so much for me I have a deep desire to serve Him back. Nothing I can give or do will measure up but this one thing I know: doing things for God’s glory brings me great joy, a joy that’s not understood by this world. Try it, you might like it. You might just grow deeper in your faith. You might find inexpressible joy in menial tasks like Brother Lawrence did as he washed the dishes for the glory of God.

Eating and drinking are menial tasks too. I can certainly get better at glorifying God in my food choices. I need to choose healthier things to put into my body. We don’t usually consciously think of eating and drinking to the glory of God. I need to be more mindful for sure.

Later today I’ll clean in our chicken coop. It’s a nasty job but I love my hens and want them to be healthy. They’re God’s creatures too and they bring me joy. If I clean it till I’m satisfied my work is an appropriate offering to God it will be much better than if I just cleaned till I was tired of it. Let’s read this verse one more time:


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