Devotional Thoughts: Strive for Peace

God is seen in peace. When I work for peace others can see who God is. There’s nothing peaceful about humanity. We are sinful creatures of dissonance. It’s only when I surrender myself to God that I can experience peace and holiness, gifts from God. My human nature goes against peace and holiness. I am a work in progress.

I can strive, work hard for, aim at, and sweat to bring peace. I’m no bringer of peace unless I bear the mark of God. If there be any peace in me it’s the work of God Himself! how can I strive for peace? I can pray. I can discipline myself to be peaceful in my choices and how I treat others. I can listen. I can care. I can love. I can represent God. There’s only good in the world if we allow God to work and move in our lives.


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