Devotional Thoughts: Muddy Water or Living Water? What’s Coming Out of You?

What’s flowing out of our hearts? Who are we really? When tough moments arise, how we respond is a reflection of our hearts and souls. Many toxic hearts are spewing poison. Unbridled tongues cause damage, division and discouragement. Only the brave ask God to examine their hearts! Those who do not believe and some who say they believe sin by putting themselves first. This separates from God and causes the world to be more broken. Each moment of my life I choose what comes out of my mouth and heart.

Believers can give out living water! This is amazing! What beauty! What power! Oh, the irony that resides in the life of the believer, the follower, the one who has surrendered all to God! We go from nothing, from sounding gongs to a Kingdom purpose. We can give our community the Gospel message and see God at work changing lives, or we can express own opinions and complaints and contribute to the brokenness in our world. I can make the world a little less broken or I can break it some more.

Christians listen up! Ranting about your political opinions, about whether or not you think our leader had the power to require masks, slandering anyone in leadership, poking fun at a political party; ALL these are divisive and sinful. These are things than discourage others. It’s fine to have an opinion, of course. It’s not fine to muddy your heart waters and prevent others from knowing the Gospel and hearing who God is. Sadly, some have tarnished their witness so much nobody listens to them anymore but the rants continue.

I found living water as a teen. I was transformed. It was irresistible! The greatest thing we can do is bathe in these waters and be certain what comes out of us is life giving and from God, not from ourselves. We think too highly of ourselves and our opinions. Jesus was the Most High and he exemplified servanthood. So powerful! Don’t let irony bite you in the butt! Let’s humble ourselves and walk in Gods ways. Some might be shocked to learn they’ve placed their politics above God. Beware! Politics will not save you. It will not love you. It can eat you up and devour you. It’s not meant to be God.

It’s time for examination, When we allow God to examine our soul we can repent and clean refreshing, living water can flow from each and every one of us! Just imagine what our community would look like! It’d be a slice of Heaven! We’d serve one another.

I fear we’re living out Judges 21:15 where everyone did what was right in their own eyes. This is social dysfunction. What we do and say really matters. It’s never too late to live a better way. I don’t know about you but I don’t think ranting and complaining mouths ever make anyone do anything. I’m much more apt to help the kind person who has a need. Please be kind to store and restaurant employees in this season who didn’t make these rules. My foster daughter is paid a small wage and gets cursed at and complained to hourly by customers because it’s her job to ask them to obey the rules and wear a mask. She didn’t make the rule. Fussing at her doesn’t help her or the situation at all. The only difference pouring out frustrations on others makes is just piling up more discouragement and hurt. Jesus isn’t proud of these behaviors. He weeps at our selfishness. Let’s be salt and light and give out encouragement and living water!


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