Devotional Thoughts: Global Worship by a Global Church

There’s a call to worship and bow down. God is calling all peoples towards Himself. The call is Love, Healing, Freedom! Nature has answered the call and proclaims God’s beauty all over the earth. Join believers all over the world, God’s great army in unison of heart and mind and worship.

Worship is our response to what God has done. What has God done? God has loved us in a way much bigger than what’s humanly possible. It’s a love so fierce it brings us to our knees! We’re speechless! We have nothing worthy to say other than our worship.

Today I was led in worship by a Nigerian sister on YouTube. I have always been drawn to other cultures and countries. I traveled a lot in my younger years, lots of mission trips! Now I serve as a missions pastor and enjoy connecting with our 25 mission partners in our nation and around the world. The God we serve is much bigger than our planet. God does not favor one nation over another. God does not love one human more than another.

My heart sings when I experience peoples of other nations leading others to God and I believe God’s heart is glad at this too. Nigeria is a nation literally divided in half, Christians in the south and Muslims in the north. Years ago I stayed in a city that lies on the line in the center and we ventured north on a vision trip to meet people groups and see who was open to partnering with us. This was a great experience. This experience called for a deeper commitment in my faith before I went because I knew this was a place where Christians suffer great persecution. I’ve posted a song by Sinach here for you today so you too can have a cultural experience in worship. Amazing how our faith connects us together and makes us one. We serve the same God and are in the same faith, the same family. I cannot even imagine Heaven being full of worship leaders like this one! You have probably sang the song, “Way Maker?” If so you already have been touched by this sister in Christ’s song writing! Live out your call and maybe God will use you as well to draw people to Him around the globe!

Nigerian Worship Leader, Sinach

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