Devotional Thoughts: Major League Burdens, George Floyd

So many burdens right now… people misbehaving add to the many other burdens were all carrying right now. I’m so sad over the killing of George Floyd and I know mamy others share this dreadful burden as well. We’re all carrying the burden of COVID19 in different ways and we all have our own burdens in our families and workplaces.

This verse reminds me where my burdens belong: first and foremost I should throw them towards God, cast them onto God like a major league pitcher! When I read the word ‘cast’ I envision ancient fishermen casting out their heavy nets into the sea. I’m sure it took Herculean strength to throw out those nets! Some burdens I’m content to lay aside and ask God to tend to them. Others I feel like throwing them as far away from me as I can but sometimes they’re too heavy! I cannot even walk underneath some burdens. Some feel as if they’ll crush me but I know in those moments God has the strength!

God will sustain the righteous! God will carry us through! We will not be moved! I can only stand some days because it is God who holds me up. The only credit I can take for this is that I choose to turn to God. I could also choose to sit under my burden awhile and sometimes I’ve done this. I try to gain something from it. I spread it out all over other people and burden them too. It’s not pretty!

I can turn my burden into lament and cry out to God. Some things are meant for God only and not for mankind. No human can be God for us. May we be careful where we cast our burdens so we do not burden others. A good recipe is God first and wait awhile, then talk to others. Sometimes I won’t have a need to speak to others after I cast my burdens onto God. Sometimes that’s all I needed. I do experience a need to cast these onto God daily. It’s a fight. Will I be crushed? Or will I allow God to hold me up? Other times I need other humans to support me. We aren’t meant to walk alone. God created us in community. I can make someone’s burden heavier or help lighten the load.

Lord I pray for George Floyd’s family. I cannot imagine watching a loved one cry out to breathe and then die on video. Lord we pray for a change in the hearts of America! YOU created all mankind in Your image and all human life is valued equally in Your eyes. May it be so here on earth as it is in Heaven! May I live my life in a way that loves people equally regardless of economic status, skin color or political opinion. May Your people rise up and love ALL people. Oh Lord, this is so heavy. It can overtake us with fear and we know fear isn’t from You. May we act in love and not fear. Come Lord Jesus! Make the crooked straight! Make the rough places plain! We know real judgement happens when this earth is gone. Justice will come whether we see it here or not. Father, comfort the Floyd family in ways only You can. If they do not know You I pray they will. I pray blessings on them. I pray for responses that bring forth change and not more violence. May I treat humans equally. Give me what I need to project Your heart to mankind. Forgive me Lord for my biases. Help me see them, help me change them. In Jesus name, Amen.


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  1. Amen Amen 🙏 Going to God is the best His peace can’t be found elsewhere 🙌 Ps. Can you change the email, because soon this will change/ close soon this month😉 So you can register I want to get these devotions even after leaving Cru 😉😊



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